Kilalinda Luxury Lodge

Category: (Ministry of Tourism Classification): TBA

Located in South East Kenya, on the border of Tsavo East National Park, on the Athi River. One hour by private charter from Nairobi, the lodge has its own airstrip about a 10 minute drive away. If you drive it takes 3 hours drive from Nairobi.

The road to Kilalinda is perfect - mile upon arid mile of cracked red earth, sun-scorched scrub, commiphora thorns the size of knitting needles. But when you arrive, Nature rolls out her red carpet - and the desert disappears.

Nothing will prepare you for that first sight of Kilalinda. As you descent the path to the camp, the barren wilderness suddenly gives way to a most unexpected paradise. A waiter emerges from a cool, tiled reception with that cold drink you have been dying for. You take it and walk into the lounge, sink into a soft sofa, and allow yourself to be transported to a different world - a world of cool breezes and lush lawns, of giant red Canna lilies and tiny sparkling sunbirds, of perfect, unblemished peace.

Number of Rooms:
6 cottages with excellent privacy

Room amenities:
Each cottage has its own individual character, en-suite tiled bathroom locally hand-made, four-poster beds, stylish hand-dyed bedspreads and thick woolen carpets, shingle roofs, private verandah, and built so as to make maximum use of the cool breeze that blows up and down the river during the different seasons.

Special Features:
The cracked red earth road shows how arid this area is.

Food and Beaverage Facilities:

  • Sunrise breakfast on the panoramic platform high in the branches of a giant Baobab tree.
  • A romantic alternative is to take your sundowner drinks up here and watch the sunset.

Recreactional Facilities:
•Game drives in open 4 wheel drive vehicles
•Night game drives
•National Park excursions
•River trips in inflatable rafts
•Escorted game walks
•Bird watching
•Fly camps
•Romantic Star Baths

Conference Facilities: NA

Temperatures in all seasons are around 95F/35C daytime and around 70F/20C night time. The coolest month is July, with January and February being the warmest. During and just after the rains of November and April/May the area is particularly green and the river is high.