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Kenya Cultural Safaris

Kenya is a country that is rich in cultural diversity. With over 42 tribes that range from Bantu to Nilotic, from Cushite to Nilo-hamitic there is a wealth of tradition and culture that would be a paradise for the Anthropologist. With a view to showcase this as a tour we have developed a number of safaris that combine People or Tribe Tours with Wildlife Adventures

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Contact: Kenya

P. O. Box 7393 - 00300
Nairobi, Kenya
Kimathi Hse,
5th floor Room 502
Kenyatta Avenue
Opposite New Stanley Hotel

+254 721 714 458
+254 720 486 770

Office line:
+254 20 221 6793

Contact: Tanzania

+254 721 714 458
+254 720 486 770



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