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  • Kenya

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      • Gateway to the Kenya coast, Mombasa is East Africa's leading port and the home of ADVENTURE AFRICA EXPEDITION' coastal operation, serving beach resorts from Lamu to Zanzibar. Adventure Africa Expedition's makes all arrangements for incoming visitors on beach vacations, with a high number of charter aircraft serving Mombasa and cruise ships using the city's port facilities, their role is an important one.


      Kenya's beautiful coastline is world famous, and acts as the perfect complement to the rigorous and exhilaration of safari days. The series of palm-fringed beaches that stretch the length of the coast are of picture-postcard quality, and the range of accommodation suits all tastes. The Kenya Coast is one of Kenya's main attractions. It offers a combination of historical sites, and superb beaches and coral reefs, of which Ernest Hemingway once wrote rare completely unmatched in the world. The Kenya Coast can be divided into four main regions: The town and port of Mombasa; the South Coast stretching from Mombasa to the Tanzania border, the North Coast covering the beaches from Mombasa to Kilifi; and finally Watamu, Malindi and the Lamu archipelago.

        Kenya's 480 kilometers of coastline is packed with choice: Silver white beaches - washed by the turquoise Indian Ocean, Coral Reefs Creeks, Mangroves & the Marine Parks like Watamu.

          Linked to Mombasa by the Nyali Bridge, the North Coast is easily accessible from Mombasa Island and offers long stretches of idyllic beaches fringed by swaying palm trees. Evening entertainment abounds both in resort and also in the availability of a wide selection of bars and restaurants. The North Coast resorts are ideal for those who would like to combine the tranquillity of their resorts with the opportunity to try out different bars and restaurants, and also for those who require their resorts to be a short journey away from the airport and Mombasa Island.

            The South Coast is about an hour's journey away from the airport and requires a ferry crossing. The journey is well worth it however, as the South Coast beaches are amongst Kenya's finest. The majority of resort developments is on Diani beach, a 10 kilometer long stretch of talcum white sands lapped by crystal clear water of the ocean. Around Diani beach, there is some development of shopping centers, bars and restaurants.

              Mombasa town is Kenya's second largest town and main port. It has a history stretching back nearly 2,000 years, including the period of colonization by Portuguese, Arabs, and the British. The town of Mombasa is actually on a small island, and is a cosmopolitan blend of African, Arabic, Asian and European cultures. The old town of Mombasa is fascinating and worth exploring for its maze of narrow streets.

                Malindi, just north of Watamu, was an important Swahili settlement in the 14th century, and later on became the center for Portuguese operations on the East African coast. Malindi is now a popular resort town with good snorkeling, diving and deep-sea fishing.

                  Watamu has an exceptional shoreline and features the Watamu Marine National Park close by. The coral reefs fringing Kenya's coastline harbor, an abundance of colorful marine life, and ensure safe swimming in the glorious water of the Indian Ocean. A full range of water sports are available from most resorts on the coast, although Watamu is renowned for its superb diving, and deep sea fishing.

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