Dickson Wambugu, Adventure Africa Expedition, Kenyan Child Guardian Foundation

Dickson Wambugu, Adventure Africa Expedition, Kenyan Child Guardian Foundation

Dickson Wambugu is the founder of Adventure Africa Expedition, born and brought up in Mount Kenya region in a very humble background. With determination and passion for Wildlife Management have built a wide range network in Africa and traveled to most of Africa Countries where I have built the spirit of adventure and discovered nature hidden wonders especially in walking trails Kisoro Rwanda and Bwindi in Uganda both for Gorilla tracking. Am also an associate of Summits Of Canada Expedition through Len Vanderstar who is also active volunteer member with Kenyan Child Guardian Foundation in fund raising for the Migwani Children’s Special Needs Unit. Being a proud African to become a member of Highpointers Club. Dickson is also a child right activist and currently a co-founder of Kenyan Child Guardian Foundation together with Len Vanderstar from Canada and fights and protects the rights of a child. Also dedicated volunteer for Kenyan Child Guardian Foundation well as supporting a children special needs unit in Migwani Kenya. I also partner with Samburu Girls Foundation in rescuing girls from FGM as well as in Child Marriage and beading. This year we are determined to build one dormitory for the girls in Samburu Maralal. Booking any Safaris or Mountain Climbing with us helps us to empower one child at a time and 10% goes directly to the Child Kitty either booking directly through us or through our Canadian contacts. We can make this World a better place for a child by giving them a hope for tomorrow.

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